We have supported thousands of businesses in the transition towards a vibrant, sustainable and low carbon economy. Here are some of the amazing things we've helped them to achieve so far.

£230 million

Cost savings achieved in businessiness, by improving environmental performance


Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) saved - like driving a Hummer from Manchester to the moon more than 7,668 times

26.2 million

Tonnes of solid, liquid and gaseous materials saved - enough to build 10,105 Blackpool Towers

11.4 million

Cubic metres of water saved - enough to fill 4,574 Olympic sized swimming pools


Jobs created or safeguarded

£356 million

Sales increased or safeguarded


Tonnes of waste diverted from landfill - the weight of 4,189 Blue Whales


Businesses assisted, including 5,380 with intensive resource efficiency support