Green Homes Grant website live

Homeowners and landlords can now visit the government-endorsed Simple Energy Advice website to see how the new Green Homes Grant can help make their homes more energy efficient.

The Simple Energy Advice website offers a quick energy survey for consumers to see how energy efficient their homes already are and where improvements can be made. Once completed, homeowners and landlords can receive a personalised energy plan and details of how the new Green Homes Grant scheme can make installations cheaper.

Users are then offered access to fully accredited tradespeople in their area able to carry out the work needed.

‘Great opportunity’

The Green Homes Grant, due to open by the end of September, allows consumers to obtain funding for up to two-thirds of the cost of eligible energy saving measures, up to £5,000. Lower income households could be entitled to have as much as £10,000 of the costs covered.

The scheme covers the insulation of walls, floors and roofs, the installation of double or triple glazing (when replacing single glazing), and low carbon heating technologies like heat pumps and solar thermal.

Mike Thornton, chief executive of the Energy Savings Trust, said: “The Green Homes Grant scheme is a great opportunity to get a grant to cut energy bills. Now the website is live, we urge people to go online to create a personalised plan for energy efficiency in their home as a first step to getting their grant.”

Multiple benefits

Writing in a recent blog, GC Business Growth Hub’s Katherine Burden commented: “As well as contributing to the fight against climate change, reducing energy demand in our homes improves resilience to rising energy prices and helps to lift people out of fuel poverty – which affects an estimated 130,000 households in Greater Manchester alone. Warmer, more comfortable homes are also proven to benefit health and wellbeing, reducing the burden on the NHS in the process.

"Furthermore, a healthy market for domestic retrofit would support a thriving supply chain for green technologies and create thousands of local jobs. Financial incentives are only one part of the puzzle…[but] the Green Homes Grant remains a significant opportunity.”

To become accredited to complete work under the scheme, installers of eligible technologies must meet specific standards.



Posted under General Interest, Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency on 23 September 2020