Manchester has GB’s ‘greenest people’ says Honda

Research and survey data on household emissions and commuting habits shows that Manchester is the city with Great Britain’s greenest people, according to auto giant Honda.

The carmaker undertook research to rank Britain’s cities following the release of its new Honda e electric car.

Top of the table

The research combined broad data on recycling levels, household emissions and domestic energy efficiency measures installed under the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme with results from two surveys Honda commissioned pre- and post-lockdown. The surveys asked 2,000 people if they had a smart meter in their home, what their usual transportation method was before and after the COVID-19 lockdown, and how their attitudes had changed.

Sixteen cities were scored from 0-10 on each element, with Manchester coming on top ahead of Plymouth and Nottingham. Liverpool came in tenth.

Manchester scored highest in the group for ECO measures installed per 1,000 households and also ranked in the top three cities for household emissions and recycling.

EV surge

Honda said Manchester’s residents also scored highly ‘eco-friendly attitudes’, with 6 per cent of respondents stating they will be commuting in an electric car - the highest percentage across all cities.

Electric vehicles (EV) purchases have continued to rocket upwards in the UK during 2020, despite the effects of COVID-19.

The first World EV Day, dedicated to celebrating electric vehicles, took place on 9 September. Marking the day, the government announced that forthcoming plans to accelerate EV uptake could include painting parking spaces green, installing more charge points at popular destinations and working with external partners to provide dedicated websites for buying and selling cars, such as Autotrader’s online EV hub.



Posted under General Interest on 23 September 2020