New Energy Management Standard Published

The British Standards Institution (BSI Group) has released BS EN 16001, a new European Standard for Energy Management systems.

Posted on 28 August 2009

BS EN 16001:2009 Energy management systems. Requirements with guidance for use, is designed to help businesses establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.
The Standard includes the requirements for an energy management system to help in the development and implementation of a policy and objectives. The guidance takes into account related legal requirements and includes information about significant energy aspects.
The document is suitable for all types and sizes of organisations and accommodates diverse geographical, cultural and social conditions. It also only applies to the activities which are under the direct control of an organisation.
BS EN 16001 applies to any organisation that wishes to:

  • Improve energy performance in a systematic way
  • Establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system
  • Ensure that it conforms with its stated energy policy
  • Demonstrate such conformance to others
  • Seek certification of its energy management system by an external organisation
  • Make a self-evaluation and self-declaration of conformance with the standard.

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Posted under Energy Efficiency on 28 August 2009