Pure Efficiency, Bury - SME (Building Technology)

With local funding and support, insulation and energy reduction specialists Pure Efficiency plan to launch Warmcoat, an innovative thermal coating that reduces condensation on cold surfaces.

Andy Chicken, director at Pure Efficiency, said: "Without the financial support from the Hub, we would not be able to get product testing underway - their help has been vital”.

The Bury-based company’s mould-resistant Warmcoat coating is an innovative alternative to mechanical ventilation solutions or thermal lining papers. It raises the surface temperature when compared with emulsion paint or wallpaper, helping to reduce condensation and prevent black mould forming on cold walls and ceilings.

Significant potential

Owners of property portfolios are already interested in the product, especially in the private rented and social housing sectors, and Pure Efficiency have now gone one step further than competitors by getting Warmcoat fully tested and verified by an accredited auditor.

“Independent testing requires external expertise and significant financial investment, but we believe the impact of this project on our company’s future growth is significant - we plan to take on two new members of staff once the product has been launched”, said Andy Chicken, director of Pure Efficiency.

Support from Greater Manchester’s Business Growth Hub is now helping to make Pure Efficiency’s plan a reality.

Funding and expertise

Low carbon sector specialists at the Hub were able to introduce Pure Efficiency to experts at the University of Salford, which has a UKAS-accredited thermal laboratory and testing facility. 

Both the university and the Business Growth Hub have also provided funding to contribute towards the performance testing.

“Without the financial support from the Hub, we would not be able to get product testing underway - their help has been vital”, Andy Chicken added. 

Vicky Wilding, low carbon sector advisor at the Business Growth Hub, said: “Warmcoat is a great example of a passive building technology: it does the job without the need for disruptive work for the occupier or expensive specialist installers. This is exactly the sort of positive innovation we look to support.”

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