26% of Manchester’s carbon budget gone in 2 years

The latest annual report tracking the city of Manchester’s progress on tackling climate change shows the scale of the challenge facing the city’s institutions, organisations and residents.

Led by the Manchester Climate Change Agency, the city’s 2020 Annual Report tracks progress made during 2019-20 against four key objectives:

  • Staying within the city’s carbon budgets

  • Adaptation and resilience to climate change

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Inclusive, zero carbon and climate resilient economy.


Carbon budgets under pressure

According to data compiled by the Agency, Manchester’s carbon footprint from energy use is projected to have fallen by 4 per cent in 2019. The city is on track to achieve its 2010-2020 target of reducing carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2020 against a 2005 baseline.

Future targets for 2020-25 are much more challenging. The city needs to emit a maximum of 15 million tonnes of CO2 from homes, workplaces and transport from 2018 onwards to keep in line with science-based targets for making a fair contribution to tackling climate change. However, based on data for 2018 and projected emissions for 2019, 26 per cent of this carbon budget has already been used in the initial two-year period.

‘More action needed’

Writing in the report’s introduction, Steve Connor, interim chair of the Manchester Climate Change Partnership, said: “2020 is a critical year for climate action. This is the year from which all cities need to start delivering Paris Agreement-aligned action plans.

“At the same time, 2020 also now gives us the much needed opportunity to improve our health and wellbeing, save money, invest in technologies that tackle climate change, and grow socially responsible businesses that provide meaningful and rewarding jobs.

“We already have many examples of individuals, groups and organisations proactively taking action. But we need much more of this. The ‘Get Involved’ section of our website can help if you don’t know where to start or which step to take next.”

The Manchester Climate Change Agency has produced a list of 15 actions every resident and organisation needs to take to help keep Manchester on track.


Posted under General Interest and Climate Change and What it Means to You on 26 August 2020