Advice for companies wanting a headstart in Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme

The Carbon Trust has reminded companies affected by the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) that reducing emissions now will lead to bonuses. 
The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) begins in April 2010 and is estimated to affect around 20,000 businesses. It is a carbon trading scheme in which the country’s largest energy users are obliged to take part. Participating organisations will have to monitor their emissions and purchase allowances, sold by Government, for each tonne of CO2 they emit.
According to the draft CRC user guide, published by Government:
"The more CO2 an organisation emits, the more allowances it has to purchase. So there is a direct incentive for these organisations to reduce their emissions. As well as reducing our carbon emissions, by increasing energy efficiency the scheme will help organisations save money by reducing their energy bills. These savings should be well in excess of the costs of participating in the scheme."
The Carbon Trust Standard Company is encouraging businesses not to wait until the scheme has started before acting to reduce their emissions. Working on emissions now can lead to Carbon Trust Standard certification, which not only shows that your organisation has measured, reduced and planned its emissions, it rewards organisations with preferential rates on CRC allowances.
So far over 100 organisations, which will be part of the CRC scheme, have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard and have collectively saved over £50 million per year.
Harry Morrison, General Manager of the Carbon Trust Standard Company said:
"By achieving the standard, organisations will not only be in good stead for the CRC's first league table but will also be in a much stronger position to develop a long term strategy to reduce their environmental impact year on year."

Posted under Energy Efficiency and Environmental Regulations and Legislation on 21 August 2009