Boost for North West renewable energy technology

£2.3 million of funding has been secured for the North West’s Low Carbon Market Development Programme which will help to increase renewable energy generation throughout the region.

Posted on 12 October 2009

The North West Regional Development Agency is set to launch the Low Carbon Market Development Programme which will stimulate further growth of the renewable energy sector in the North West.
The project will help to expand the market for renewable energy technologies, assist the growth of indigenous renewable businesses, attract investment into the sector and encourage engineering and other businesses to diversify into the renewable energy market. 
The programme, which will be delivered by Envirolink Northwest, is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund (£1 million) and the North West Regional Development Agency (£1.3 million) and will run for 3 years, providing intensive support to all stakeholders in the renewable energy market and helping them to overcome the barriers to implementing renewable energy generation projects.
In stimulating more growth of the North West’s renewable energy sector, which already contains the most sites of any region in England, the project will create 43 jobs, assist 185 businesses, raise a further £1.8 million of private sector investment and save 2 million tonnes of CO2 over 3 years.
Nick Storer, Chief Executive of Envirolink Northwest said:
“This project will give a real boost to the Northwest’s dominance of the deployment of Renewable Energy generation technologies in England.  This will not only enable the Northwest to play its part in delivering the Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy but will also enable the Northwest’s energy and environmental and wider manufacturing industry to capitalise on this important market.”

Posted under Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy, Energy and Renewables and Environmental Technologies on 12 October 2009