Company directors ordered to pay £234,393 for waste offences

The Environment Agency achieves its second largest confiscation from skip hire firm over illegal ‘waste mountain.’

Posted on 24 August 2009

The Environment Agency achieves its second largest confiscation from skip hire firm over illegal ‘waste mountain.’
Andrew Benson and Kevin Brough of Easy Skips (NE) Ltd have been ordered to hand over £234,393 after pleading guilty to waste offences at Teesside Crown Court.
The court heard how the company knowingly permitted large amounts of controlled waste to be deposited at a site in Hartlepool, which did not have a waste management licence* or registered exemption.
Environment Agency officers visited the site in September and November 2006 and warned Benson and Brough about the large piles of waste. They warned the directors that they needed a waste management licence.  
The officers returned in February the next year and noticed the waste pile was larger – three metres high, 12 metres wide and 18 metres long. The pile contained bricks, rubble, concrete, plastics, wood, window frames, plastic sheets, mattresses, plasterboard, scrap metal, green waste and soil.
By June 2007 the pile had expanded further, spilling through the broken boundary fence out onto the pavement posing a risk of harm to human health. In places the path was completely covered by waste and officers believed any further increase would see the pile spill onto the road. The officers also noted that the pile could become unstable if heavy machinery were to be used on it.
Environment Agency Environment Manager Julian Carrington said:
"We are delighted with today's result. Over many months Easy Skips (NE) Limited and their directors Andrew Benson and Kevin Brough undercut legitimate businesses by deliberately flouting waste management rules designed to protect the environment and the public.
"Many of their customers were misled to believe they had paid good money for their waste to be disposed of properly, at a licensed site. Instead, the waste has simply been dumped to become an unsightly mountain of waste on an illegal site that spilled out onto footpaths creating a hazard to the public.”
*In 2008 waste management licensing was replaced by environmental permitting. For more details, click here
Source: Environment Agency

Posted under Environmental Regulations and Legislation and Waste Management on 24 August 2009