Environment Agency to publish companies resource efficiency data

Despite opposition from trade associations, resource efficiency data for specific organisations and sites will be published as part of the pollution inventory next year.

Posted on 18 September 2009

The Environment Agency (EA) recently released ‘Consultation response: the pollution inventory 2009 – 2011.’ The pollution inventory is the Agency's online database of releases from industrial sites in England and Wales. 
Using the new 'Resource Efficiency Appraisal and Development' (READ) self-assessment tool, the agency can collect individual site data on raw material consumption, energy, water, waste production and product output, and it has decided to include this data as part of its pollution inventory from next year.
Only sites which are regulated by the agency under Part A1 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, which are larger sites with greater potential to pollute, will be obligated to report their data. However intensive agriculture, mines, quarries, landfills and sites regulated under the Radioactive Substances Act are exempt.
Several trade associations, including the Chemical Industries Association, the British Cement Association, Water UK and the manufacturers’ association EEF, voiced their opposition to this development claiming that publishing resource efficiency figures for sites that operate different processes and make different products would be misleading.
However it is hoped that publishing this data will encourage operators to reduce their waste and increase their efficiency, which the Agency estimates could save industry £3-16 million per year. Inspectors will use the figures to focus their attention on less efficient sites.


Posted under Energy Efficiency, Fuel Efficiency, Environmental Regulations and Legislation, Waste Management and Water Efficiency and Effluent Management on 18 September 2009