Pre-Budget Report proposes schemes to benefit construction sectors

The Government has announced in its Pre-Budget Report, the introduction of a £50mn boiler scrappage scheme, similar to the successful car scrappage scheme.

Posted on 10 December 2009

The Government's Pre Budget Report introduces energy efficiency measures, including a £50mn boiler scrappage scheme, similar to the successful car scrappage scheme.
The scheme will offer 125,000 households £400 off a new energy efficient boiler, for scrapping their old inefficient one, thereby reducing carbon emissions and providing a welcome boost for plumbing firms, and the manufacturing sector (most of the UK’s boilers are manufactured in this country).
The car scrappage scheme is still providing essential help to the motor vehicle industry, keeping many businesses afloat during the recession whilst increasing the fuel efficiency of the country’s vehicle stock. It is hoped that the boiler scrappage scheme can have a similar effect.
There are currently four million boilers in the UK which have an energy efficiency rating of G. Replacing these with A-rated boilers would save almost four and a half million tonnes of CO2 per year, the equivalent of over 800,000 households’ emissions. Upgrading to an A-rated condensing boiler could save a household £310 a year.
The Pre-Budget Report also includes the continued funding of the ‘Warm Front’ scheme to provide a further 75,000 homes with energy efficiency upgrades, such as loft insulation. 


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Posted under Energy Efficiency and Construction on 10 December 2009