Cheshire Wellness, Neston - SME (Leisure/Manufacturer)

Cheshire Wellness, the spa and pool manufacturer based on Neston’s Clayhill Industrial Park, has uncovered operational savings of £6,000 a year by using key materials, water and energy more efficiently.

The SME was established in 1965 as Cheshire Spas and Pools, but recently changed its name. Today it employs about 50 staff and has plans to expand beyond its 30,000 square foot factory, to cope with growing demand.
The company designs and builds a range of spas, swimming pools and ‘heat experience rooms’, such as saunas, steam rooms, mud baths, igloos and meditation rooms, for commercial and private clients across Europe, the Middle East, the USA and South America.

Cheshire Wellness has recently been supported by advisers from Groundwork Cheshire, using funding from the ENWORKS resource efficiency programme, to reduce its costs and environmental impacts by addressing the way it uses key resources.
Stock and waste
So far, Cheshire Wellness has saved £4,900 and 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year, by following Groundwork’s initial recommendations.
Material costs have been addressed by introducing new systems for stock holding, such as barcode scanning at the ‘goods in’ entrance, to ensure that orders are only placed in respond to demand. This ‘Just in Time’ system has reduced the amount of stock that sits in storage or ends up going to waste.
Spare pumps and jet fittings are also now returned to stock for re-use, if they are in good condition, and pool covers are ordered according to clients’ exact pool or spa measurements, to minimise the amount of offcuts.
This exercise cost nothing to implement but it has generated savings of £1,930 a year on new orders.
Meanwhile, waste collection and disposal costs have also been reduced, by arranging for other local businesses to collect pallets and chemical drums for re-use, rather than sending them to landfill.
The result has been fewer skip collections of general mixed waste, bringing further savings of £260 a year.
Electricity and water
Inside the factory, old lighting in the production and storage areas has been upgraded to a more energy efficient LED system. This cost £10,700 but the annual savings are £2,400 and over 10 tonnes of CO2e, and the upfront expenditure will pay back in just a few years.
Water rates have also been tackled by storing the water used for testing new spas and re-using it for future tests. The water is not contaminated in the testing process so it can be used several times before being disposed of and replaced.
This has reduced mains water consumption by 100m3 in the last 12 months, which equates to savings of over £240 a year on water bills.
New projects
A further £1,500 of annual cost savings are still in the pipeline, along with nearly seven tonnes of CO2e savings.
With Groundwork Cheshire’s help, fuel consumption at Cheshire Wellness is being tackled by managing delivery journeys and loads more closely.
The full savings are still being calculated, but recent initiatives have included introducing a strict maintenance and vehicle replacement policy, and fitting vehicles with trackers to monitor fuel consumption, stop and start patterns and journey speeds, to help with optimising fuel efficiency.

Case study published on 3 April 2013.