Cleanbake Ltd, Skelmersdale - SME (Food & Drink)

Lancashire SME, Cleanbake Ltd, has achieved operational savings of over £647,600 to date, after improving the way it manages resources such as energy, fuel, water, materials and residual waste.

Cleanbake is a niche business that cleans, refurbishes and re-coats equipment for the bakery sector. Its clients range from small and medium-sized bakeries, to industrial bakery plants and major supermarkets.

Based on the Stanley Industrial Estate in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, Cleanbake has been supported over many years by ENWORKS funded advisers at Groundwork Pennine Lancashire.

In the last year, Cleanbake has increased its savings by more than £195,300 a year, by investing in four small capital improvement projects with short payback periods.

Process efficiency

A specialist water filtration and recovery system has been installed to remove solvents from waste water. This has allowed all waste water to be re-used on site rather than being discharged as effluent.

The initial investment required will have paid back within two years and the improvement has halved Cleanbake’s annual water consumption. It has generated annual savings of £118,300, along with carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) savings of nearly six tonnes a year.

A solvent recovery system has also been purchased for use in the baking tray cleaning process, to reduce the amount that goes to waste and cut the costs of purchasing new materials. This has saved £47,000 a year, with a payback period of just eight months, and reduced solvent disposal by 25 tonnes a year.

Similarly, a heat recovery system, designed to channel heat from the curing oven exhaust for re-use in a drying oven, has also been installed.

This means baking equipment no longer needs to be passed through an energy-intensive, gas-fired hot rinse and drying unit. It has brought additional annual savings of £14,000 and over 29 tonnes of CO2e.

Finally, an automated spraying system has been introduced to reduce the amount of solvent used when spraying baking equipment. By reducing spillages and wastage this has brought annual cost savings of £16,000 and a 50 per cent reduction in overall solvent use, with a payback period of two and a half years.

'Continuous improvement'

Commenting on the latest savings, Cleanbake’s managing director, Shaun Hughes said: "We’re often asked to provide information on our environmental credentials and good environmental management is important to our customers.

"Cleanbake has focused on undertaking a number of projects to produce a business model that promotes a philosophy of continuous improvement to reduce environmental impact.

"This approach has positioned Cleanbake to aggressively grow capacity in a business and location that was previously restricted by its environmental footprint."

Overall savings

On the strength of its environmental performance, Cleanbake recently secured a new contract that will increase its annual turnover by another £600,000 to £800,000.

To date the company has achieved cost savings of £647,600, and resource savings of over 190 tonnes of CO2e, 42,000 m3 of water and 160 tonnes of materials. It has also found new uses for 35 tonnes of waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Free support

Groundwork Pennine Lancashire is a key member of the ENWORKS network. Its advisers support businesses across Lancashire with boosting profitability by using energy, water and material resources more efficiently.


Case study published on 30 November 2011