Faith Products, Radcliffe - SME (Manufacturing)

Radcliffe-based SME, Faith Products, has safeguarded annual sales worth £150,000 and saved almost £19,500 year, by improving the way it manages energy, material and water resources.


The business was founded over 40 years ago in a small farmhouse kitchen but today it employs about 45 staff and has an annual turnover of £3 million. It trades as Faith in Nature and specialises in making natural hair and skincare products without artificial additives.


Last year, the company won the Environmental Best Practice Award at the Bolton and Bury Business Awards.

Free Support

Faith Products has been supported by an ENWORKS funded adviser from Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale to reduce its environmental impact, and significant savings have been made in the process.


This on-site support has helped the company to provide quantified evidence of its environmental credentials, in both contract tenders and general marketing campaigns.


Energy savings

So far, £12,700 a year has been saved by consolidating product batches on the production line, to reduce the amount of time taken for each run by 40 per cent and to allow a three-tonne water tank to be kept at a consistent 80°C.


By reducing electricity consumption for water heating and machinery operation, this is saving 73 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year.


Gas consumption has also been reduced by lowering the thermostat by just 3°C, bringing savings of £2,600 a year and 18 tonnes of CO2e, without affecting worker comfort.


Meanwhile, a survey has been carried out to identify leaks in the site’s compressed air system, and the resulting repairs helped to save £1,300 and seven tonnes of CO2e per year.


Managing materials


Packaging and waste have also been tackled, by switching to 100 per cent recycled plastic packaging and reducing the size of each container by six grammes.


These measures have saved 23 tonnes of plastic waste from going to landfill each year, and reduced the amount of plastic bought in by another five tonnes. They have also brought annual savings of £2,700 and 14 tonnes of CO2e.


Still to come

Altogether, 20 separate improvement projects were identified in the ENWORKS review, so a number are still in the pipeline.


For example, air compressor, lighting and lighting control upgrades will further reduce Faith Products’ electricity consumption and are projected to save the company £8,800 over the coming year.


Insulating a hot water tank and pipes could save £16,800 and a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) machine on site would pay back in less than two years and bring recurring savings of £11,000 a year on heating and electricity.


Staff also recently took part in Groundwork funded ‘Smarter Driver Training’, to improve their fuel efficiency and road safety awareness, and this could bring future savings of at least £900 a year.


‘Hugely rewarding’

Altogether, Faith Products has achieved annual savings of over 110 tonnes of CO2e, and there is scope for it to save another 251 tonnes per year.


Owner and director, Aaron Rose said: “Working with Groundwork, through the ENWORKS programme, has been hugely rewarding in many ways.


“Groundwork is technically very competent and provides a wide range of solutions to the issues we face. We enjoy a great working relationship and there are new developments whenever we get together to further our aims of being a model company in terms of environmental initiatives.”




Case study published 7 February 2013.