Fine Decor Wallcoverings, Holmes Chapel - SME (Design/Manufacturing)

Fine Décor Wallcoverings, a small wallcoverings manufacturer in Cheshire has uncovered annual savings of £655,400, after receiving on-site ENWORKS support.

The Holmes Chapel based company is an SME manufacturer of high-end wallcoverings and borders for household brands in the UK and overseas. Its output rose by a third in 2012.


With support from an ENWORKS funded adviser from Groundwork Cheshire, the business has achieved annual cost savings of £117,800 by using energy, water and materials more efficiently, from an investment of just £35,500, and another £537,500 worth of annual savings are in the pipeline.

Savings achieved

£34,700 a year has been saved after repairs were made to a liquid pump on the Ultraviolet print curing line, so that condensate can be channelled for re-use in the boiler hotwells, rather than being lost as effluent.

This has also significantly reduced natural gas, water and liquid chemical consumption.

Further annual savings of £21,800 have been achieved by introducing new visual inspection procedures, to make sure any faults during print runs are identified and corrected straight away. This has saved 20 tonnes of paper per year.

Variable speed drives have been fitted to the drying ovens, to make them more energy-efficient, saving another £54,300 a year.

A survey of the site’s compressed air system also identified a number of leaks that have since been fixed at a cost of just £800, saving £6,500 a year.
Smaller-scale projects have included reducing mains water consumption by fitting low-cost water-saving devices into toilet cisterns, to reduce annual water charges by over £100.

Together these measures have all helped Fine Décor to save more than 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) a year.

In the pipeline

Work is now underway to investigate and implement 15 additional improvement projects on site.

Examples include plans to automate the manual colour mixing and dispensing process so that ink colours are mixed and dispensed to exact specifications, to save paper and ink and bring cost savings of over £110,000 a year.

£35,000 a year could be saved by minimising wastage from the colour shading process, and voltage optimisation technology could be used to regulate the incoming electricity supply and save another £100,000 a year.

A waste data collection and management plan is also being implemented, to identify different types of waste and find ways of diverting them away from landfill. Once fully implemented the project could save over £160,000 on annual waste disposal and collection costs.

Free support

Fine Décor Wallcoverings has been advised by Groundwork Cheshire, which provides free ENWORKS support to businesses across Cheshire and Warrington. A short video about the savings the company has made is due to be published by ENWORKS, shortly.


Case study published on 30 April 2012