GA Newsome, Nantwich - SME (Transport)

Nantwich-based haulage and warehousing company, GA Newsome (Haulage) Ltd, has cut its operational costs by £81,300 a year, after receiving free support from local ENWORKS advisors.

The SME has an annual turnover of £3 million and employs about 40 staff from its headquarters on Green Lane.
It was founded in 1984 and now operates across the UK and Ireland, offering haulage and warehousing solutions for dangerous or high value loads, as well as deliveries of part-load or single pallet consignments.

Over the last three years, GA Newsome has been supported, free of charge, by ENWORKS funded advisors from Groundwork Cheshire.


Improvement opportunities

More than 18, fully quantified cost-saving projects have so far been identified by the advisors - each involving a more efficient use of key resources such as electricity, gas or fuel.


Several have already been completed, bringing initial savings of £81,300 and 161 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year, with another £72,800 of annual savings still in the pipeline.


Fuel savings

One of the first areas Groundwork Cheshire tackled was fuel efficiency. Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) courses were organised for all company drivers, to help them to drive more efficiently and to improve their road safety.


As a result, drivers have improved their miles-per-gallon and reduced incidences of engine idling, harsh breaking and gear changing, and this has in turn reduced vehicle maintenance costs and slashed fuel consumption.


ENWORKS covered the cost of the training, at £150 per head and the resulting savings have been over £78,500 in annual diesel costs. This has also saved 150 tonnes of CO2e per year.


Energy savings

Back at base, energy efficiency has also been addressed, to help reduce annual utility bills.


Old, high-bay lamps in the warehouse have been replaced with brighter, sensor-controlled fluorescent lamps, which use much less power and only come on when the building is occupied.


The payback period is two years but the annual savings are £2,600 and almost 10 tonnes of CO2e, and lighting quality has also been significantly improved.


A free, ultrasonic survey was also carried out on site, to identify leaks in the workshop’s small compressed air system. Six were identified and fixed, to eliminate air and energy wastage, bringing savings of £170 and three-quarters of a tonne of CO2e per year.


In the pipeline

Meanwhile, a number of other projects are now due to be implemented, including an upgrade of lighting in the workshop, office and yard areas, to help improve energy efficiency, and Engine Control Unit (ECU) vehicle remapping, which could further improve the fleet’s fuel efficiency.


The latter would involve fine-tuning the programmable systems that control tanker performance, to optimise driving performance and reduce fuel consumption. It could save GA Newsome another £71,300 and 159 tonnes of CO2e per year, while the new lighting work could save £1,700 and almost six tonnes of CO2e, annually.


‘First class’


Commenting on the free support the company has received, transport manager, Gareth Broughton, said: “Groundwork Cheshire has been very influential in GA Newsome’s environmental, energy and carbon dioxide reduction strategy.


“Its advisors have proved to be an asset, helping us to reduce our energy usage and save us a considerable amount of money.


“This support, through the ENWORKS programme, has been first class and has impacted positively in areas we had not previously invested any time or effort in ourselves.


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Groundwork Cheshire to any company - SME or plc.”




Case study published on 6 March 2013.