The Midland Hotel, Manchester (Tourism / Leisure)

The iconic Midland Hotel, Manchester, has now completed resource efficiency initiatives that will save it £86,300 a year, with another £9,700 of annual savings still in the pipeline.

The business has been working with an ENWORKS adviser fromGroundwork Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Tameside and Traffordsince last year, to identify cost-effective ways of improving its environmental credentials and reducing its operating costs.

Savings achieved

This year The Midland has completed a number of energy efficiency projects, including installing a computer-based energy management system to monitor and control equipment such as lighting, ventilation, fire and security systems. This has saved it over £45,700 a year in energy bills, as well as 350 tonnes of CO2e a year.

Hundreds of halogen spotlights have been replaced with LED or similar low-energy alternatives, which has saved £17,400 a year in electricity costs and 133 tonnes of CO2e per year, after an initial payback period of less than eight months.

Thermostats have also been reduced by just 1°C to reduce annual heating costs by eight per cent, saving £3,900 a year on heating and a further 27 tonnes of CO2e annually.

More in the pipeline

Work is now underway to implement a range of additional opportunities, which could help to save another 68 tonnes of CO2e, 235,900 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and natural gas, and 110 m3 of water, per year.

£9,700 a year could be saved by fitting a swimming pool cover, installing secondary window glazing to improve insulation, using LED spotlights outside guests’ rooms to reduce the need for energy-intensive corridor lighting, installing low-energy lighting in the gym changing rooms and kitchens, and using water displacement devices to reduce the amount of water used per flush in the bathrooms.

Case study published on 28 July 2011