MTP Media Limited, Kendal - SME (Creative & Digital)

A small, Cumbrian printing business has secured sales of £100,000, cut its carbon footprint and saved £14,500 a year, by reducing its energy, water and material consumption.

MTP Media in Beezonfields, near Kendal, is an SME providing creative and digital services such as design and printing, with door-to-door delivery.

Owner, Alistair Sanderson, has been working hard to reduce the company's environmental impact, with support from ENWORKS advisers at the Cumbria Business Environment Network (CBEN).

Print upgrade

Using ENWORKS funding, CBEN carried out a free review of the company’s operations, to find cost-effective ways of reducing energy, water and material consumption.

An opportunity was identified to improve the company’s printing plate production process. CBEN supported MTP Media with an application to secure a grant of £70,000 from the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), so that it could invest in modern 'computer to plate' technology.

By using specialist equipment to transfer images created on the computer directly onto the printing plates, significant savings have been made.

Electricity and liquid chemical consumption has been reduced and the need for using mains water in the plate-making process has been eliminated. Nearly an hour’s labour has also been saved, per day.

The upgrade will pay back in just over two and a half years. It has brought annual cost savings of £12,700 and, crucially, it has also safeguarded £100,000 worth of sales.

Fuel and waste

CBEN has also helped MTP Media to segregate its waste into different types, which has saved nearly a tonne of paper from going to landfill each week and brought cost savings of £1,500 a year.

An unreliable delivery van has also been replaced with a more fuel-efficient model that uses 10 per cent less diesel for the same journeys. The older van was in need of replacement anyway, and the new one will save the company £300 a year on fuel.

In the pipeline

On top of the savings already made, CBEN has found another £3,000 worth of annual efficiency savings.

Low-cost options include fitting light sensors and timers to control electricity consumption, raising staff awareness about energy efficiency and waste, and fitting sensor-activated flush controls in the staff urinals to save on water.

Fitting more energy-efficient lamps in the main print room could save £700 a year, after an initial investment of £1,700.

Environmental savings

Overall, MTP Media has made annual environmental savings of 8,500 kiloWatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, 250 litres of diesel, 300m3 of water, 600kg of photographic film and four tonnes of liquid chemicals.

The business has also saved 34 tonnes of  carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year, and stopped four tonnes of waste from going to landfill, and all these annual savings will now accrue, year after year.

'Support is invaluable'

Mr Sanderson commented: "CBEN, as part of ENWORKS, has been a great help with this project. They helped us to analyse our waste output and identify areas for improvement. This has allowed us to dramatically reduce our waste and CO2 output, and helped us to streamline our business, with great environmental advantages.

"This kind of business support is invaluable in the SME sector, as often business owners have little time to look beyond the day-to-day running of their company."

CBEN provides ENWORKS resource efficiency support to businesses across Cumbria, helping them to boost their profitability by becoming more resource-efficient.


Case study published on 4 April 2012