Thornleigh Hotel & Conference Centre, Cumbria - SME (Tourism / Leisure)

Annual savings of over £6,000 have been identified at Thornleigh Hotel and Conference Centre in Cumbria, after a fully funded ENWORKS review.

Energy efficiency

With support from an adviser from the Cumbria Business Environment Network (CBEN), Thornleigh Hotel, an independently owned SME in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, was successful in applying for a loan from The Carbon Trust to replace its inefficient gas boiler.

Two new, energy-efficient boilers were installed and improved thermostatic controls were fitted on all radiators to control energy usage.

This improvement alone will generate annual savings of 105,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) in gas usage, and cost savings of £3,500 a year, with a payback period of just over three years.

The hotel has also implemented a number of additional recommendations from CBEN’s review, including buying a more energy efficient steamer for cooking in the kitchen, to save £300 a year in electricity bills. The purchase will pay back within a year and accumulate ongoing savings after that, year-on-year.

Low energy lightbulbs are being fitted throughout the hotel to reduce energy usage for lighting, at minimal cost and a range of water-saving devices have been installed. Low-flow showers and urinals and low-flush toilet cisterns will save 240m3 of water and a further £570 in costs each year.

In addition, an initiative to segregate waste and use kitchen waste for composting is already diverting a tonne of waste from landfill annually, at no capital cost.

Future plans
To date, the SME has achieved annual cost savings of £4,500 a year and a 21 tonne reduction in its annual carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions.

The owners are now working on opportunities to save another £1,500 a year by installing dual-flush toilets to save water and pipe lagging to reduce heat loss, and by improving existing recycling practices to reduce waste.

Case study published on 13 January 2011