VILLAGE Hotels, Liverpool and Wirral (Tourism / Leisure)

Annual resource efficiency savings of £91,600 have been identified at the VILLAGE Liverpool and VILLAGE Wirral hotels, after on-site reviews by a local ENWORKS adviser.

Part of the De Vere Group, the national VILLAGE hotel chain manages two hotel and leisure club premises at Whiston in Liverpool, and Bromborough on the Wirral.

Before approaching ENWORKS for support the hotels had already introduced a number of resource efficiency initiatives, such as controlling air conditioning use and optimising the water temperature of their swimming pools to save energy. They were also targeted with reducing their gas, water and electricity consumption by 10 per cent a year.

Waste savings

Following on-site resource efficiency reviews by an ENWORKS adviser from Groundwork Merseyside, a further £91,600 in annual cost savings were identified through resource efficiency measures.

At the VILLAGE Hotel Liverpool, £2,800 a year is already being saved as a result, by segregating and separately recycling cardboard waste and diverting 35 tonnes from landfill annually.

The hotel’s nominated adviser found that cardboard accounted for 40 per cent of all waste being thrown into the on-site waste compactor. By collecting it separately and sending it away for recycling, waste management costs were reduced and the compactor can now be emptied and serviced less frequently.

A similar procedure for managing food waste could save another £2,000 a year and help to divert a further 26 tonnes of waste from landfill each year.

Further opportunities

Additional recommendations for the hotels included measures such as improving staff awareness about monitoring energy consumption and switching off lighting and air conditioning when not in use, which could help to save over £12,000 a year.
Fitting energy-efficient LED lighting could save over £4,000 at VILLAGE Hotel Wirral and £6,200 a year at VILLAGE Hotel Liverpool, together with a combined 121 tonnes of annual carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions.

Optimising the central heating systems could save £3,800 a year per hotel, and installing Voltage Power Optimisation technology to optimise the supply voltage could save over £12,000 and 120 tonnes of CO2e annually.

Elsewhere on site, pool covers could reduce energy bills by another £12,600 a year and save up to 120 tonnes of annual CO2e emissions. Opportunities were also identified to save as much as £13,600 in annual water bills, through reducing water consumption by 6,000 m3 of mains water a year.

The majority of the recommendations can now be applied at little or no cost to the hotels, and with payback periods of less than a year and a half where capital investment is required.

'Achieving our targets'

Steve Lee, general manager at VILLAGE Hotel Liverpool said: "The cost of energy is sure to increase in the future so it’s imperative that we minimise and control our costs as much as we can. What's good for the environment is good for business.

"It was extremely useful to access the expertise of Groundwork Merseyside as it highlighted some easy ways to reduce energy and to go some way towards achieving our targets."

Groundwork Merseyside is a key member of the North West’s ENWORKS partnership, providing funded support to businesses across Merseyside to boost profits by using energy, water and material resources more efficiently and to manage residual waste.

Case study published on 16 June 2011