What's in it for me?

Our bespoke low carbon sector support is tailored to your individual needs, depending on your size, sector and potential for savings.

Depending on your size, industry and potential for growth, we can offer you a bespoke package of hands-on or hands-off support.



We provide

To help you

  • Green Intelligence
  • Workshops
  • On-site reviews
  • Ongoing assistance
  • Hands-on support


  • Keep up-to-date with business news
  • Develop networks and new skills
  • Identify barriers and opportunities for growth
  • Make business improvements
  • Identify new markets and supply chains




Bri-Tek Technologies, Bolton - SME (Lighting Technologies)

Bri-Tek Technologies, an LED lighting company based in Bolton, is working with the Business Growth Hub to boost sales and achieve growth in Greater Manchester’s low carbon sector.

Utilitri Ltd, Wigan - SME (Renewable Energy)

Utilitri Ltd, a Wigan-based solar photovoltaics (PV) firm, has created three new positions in its workforce, following free sales and marketing support from the Business Growth Hub's Green Growth service.

Coleherne, Tameside & LightXcel, Manchester - SME (Lighting Technologies)

Coleherne Ltd, a white metal lined bearing manufacturer and laser cutting service in Tameside, Greater Manchester, has teamed up with local LED manufacturer, LightXcel, to cut the energy use of its lighting by 72 per cent.

MHA Lighting Ltd, Wigan - SME (Lighting Technologies)

MHA Lighting, an award-winning LED lighting manufacturer in Atherton, Wigan, is strengthening its role in Greater Manchester’s low carbon sector with support from the Business Growth Hub.   

Energy Gain UK, Tameside - SME (Environmental Technologies)

Energy Gain UK, a low carbon energy specialist based in Tameside, has identified £200k in potential sales and received funding thanks to support from the Business Growth Hub.
Garden design products from Hahn Plastics

Hahn Plastics, Salford - SME (Manufacturing)

Hahn Plastics, a company in Salford which manufactures products from recycled plastics, is benefitting from both resource efficiency and low carbon support from the Business Growth Hub.  

Vickers Energy Group, Trafford - SME (Energy Management)

Trafford-based Vickers Energy Group  benefited from Green Growth low carbon sector support, winning a North West Green Hero Award in the process.  

Global Heatsave Ltd, Stockport - SME (Building Technologies)

Stockport-based Global Heatsave Ltd is receiving low carbon sector support from ENWORKS to help progress its innovative idea to help pubs reduce their energy consumption.