Low Carbon Network

Our virtual Low Carbon Network is a powerful tool for raising the profile of businesses in the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector and improve the visibility of local supply chains.


Our Low Carbon Network is mapping the products and services delivered by the local low carbon sector and helping to connect members with new business opportunities. 

The key aim of the Network is to enable companies to be better connected to new business opportunities and better informed about what is happening in their sector – from new tender opportunities to changes in government policy. It will also help build on our knowledge of the low carbon supply chain, thereby strengthening our support for local low carbon business. 

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It only takes two minutes to sign up - simply provide some details about you and your business and select which of our low carbon sub-sectors best apply to you.

Create an online profile for our searchable database to boost your company's visibility in Greater Manchester's low carbon and environmental goods and services sector.

We're already making business connections across Greater Manchester and beyond by introducing companies and identifying local opportunities.