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  • Environmental monitoring and management
  • Renewable and low carbon energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low carbon finance
  • Low emission vehicles and infrastructure
  • Smart grids
  • Waste management, recovery and recycling
  • Water Management and treatment
Research and Development in Variable Pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbines We have developed full size Turbine which has variable Pitch and is self gove
End to end solutions lowering carbon footprint, energy use & utility spend by installing solar, HVAC, LED etc.
25 years of contributing to a low carbon future: Vickers Electronics design, manufacture and install advanced energy management systems (EMS) that gua
Building Services and Energy Efficiency Specialists
Independent experts in Municipal, Commercial & Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants.
Warm Front Ltd specialise in providing energy saving measures under the new ECO such as cavity wall, loft insulation and external wall insulation. We
Carbon Trust accredited supplier of LED lighting and FAR Infrared heating solutions across all business and public sectors.
World Heat Ltd are manufacturers of hot water cylinders, buffer vessels and thermal stores up to 8,000 Litre capacities.
Commercial LED lighting supply, installation and finance - industry unique 12 years parts and 5 years labour warranty.
Business support for environmental businesses.