Oldham is an attractive place to live and work, conveniently situated between Manchester City Centre and the Peak District countryside; has excellent connectivity via the M60/M62 motorway, train and Metrolink networks; has a diverse, young, and growing population of 224,900; has almost 6,000 businesses in the borough spanning key sectors such as health, advanced manufacturing, construction, retail, financial and professional services. 

We're leading by example through investing in schools, health, housing, infrastructure, culture and leisure developments; attracting investors and developers to the borough; bringing sites to the market  through our development partnerships with the private sector.



We're helping Oldham businesses to drive the transition to a vibrant, sustainable and low carbon economy. Here are some of the amazing things we've helped them to achieve so far.



Working with our partners we are committed in providing a range of support and advice for new and existing businesses in all aspects of start-up and sustainable growth.


This is a successful initiative started in 2013 to provide all Oldham residents and businesses with the knowledge and support of employment, apprenticeship and work experience opportunities.

Key facts

The green technologies and services sector in Greater Manchester is an increasingly important part of the local economy. Here are some key facts about the sector from 2012/13.


Businesses assisted with hands-on resource efficiency or low carbon sector support

£24.0 million

Cost savings achieved in businesses, by improving environmental performance

£26.8 million

Sales increased or safeguarded


Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) saved - like driving a Hummer from Manchester to the moon 861 times


Cubic metres of water saved - enough to fill 417 Olympic sized swimming pools


Tonnes of solid, liquid and gaseous materials saved - enough to build 9 Blackpool Towers


Tonnes of waste diverted from landfill - the weight of {{gg_etk_oldham_waste_diverted_to_date_elephants} African Elephant Bulls


Jobs created or safeguarded