Salford is home to a vibrant Low Carbon sector with over 200 businesses employing around 4,000 people and generating £588m worth of sales in 2012.

Nationally renowned companies such as Ener-G plc, WSP Environment and Energy, BASF are being supported by a world class Environmental faculty at the University of Salford through facilities such as the Energy House

Salford is at the forefront of this high growth market and is playing an integral role in reducing the region’s carbon dioxide emissions.



We're helping Salford businesses to drive the transition to a vibrant, sustainable and low carbon economy. Here are some of the amazing things we've helped them to achieve so far.


Salford has a dynamic, vibrant, business community and we want you to share in their success. The city is integral to the Greater Manchester economy, the economic powerhouse of the North West of England. Salford's economy has grown by more than 12% since 2004.

Salford City Council's Business team help new and existing businesses access the full range of support available from our partners and key council services such as planning, licensing and business rates.  

Key facts

The green technologies and services sector in Greater Manchester is an increasingly important part of the local economy. Here are some key facts about the sector from 2012/13.


Businesses assisted with hands-on resource efficiency or low carbon sector support

£57.8 million

Cost savings achieved in businesses, by improving environmental performance

£11.4 million

Sales increased or safeguarded


Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) saved - like driving a Hummer from Manchester to the moon 1,203 times


Tonnes of solid, liquid and gaseous materials saved - enough to build 16 Blackpool Towers


Cubic metres of water saved - enough to fill 8 Olympic sized swimming pools


Tonnes of waste diverted from landfill - the weight of 791 African Elephant Bulls


Jobs created or safeguarded